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Bern Call for Papers / Participation - Swiss Perl Workshop

On Friday 22 March 2013 from 09h00 to 22h00.

Bern, Berne

Call for Papers / Participation

On Friday 22. March 2013 the first Swiss Perl Workshop held at
University Bern. Target group of the workshop are all serious Perl
users and those who want to be there.

Our workshop stands and falls with the talks. Lectures are usually 5,
20 or 40 minutes. Any issues that have to do in any way with Perl or
Perl environment, can be interesting as talks for the workshop.

You currently only have a vague idea for a theme? No problem: we are
interested in principle, all issues that have to do in any way with
Perl. Question 'in doubt, just early enough for us. We like to help
you to flesh out a vague topic.

All lectures will be in plenary offered. Conference language is
English. This should allow everyone to follow and to participate.

You send us your proposal no later than Thursday, 28. Feburary 2013 as
abstract. You are welcome to propose several topics. Your abstract
should be in about 2000 characters (which is about 30 lines 72
columns) describe the subject, what is special about your approach and
why Perl as a language is particularly useful in this case.

To submit a proposal, please login to the website and submit the form
with a new presentation (http://act.perl-workshop.ch/spw2013/newtalk).

Long talks (40 minutes)

Lecture of 40 minutes and then 5 minutes for questions and answers.
Long talks should go into detail on one or two particularly
interesting aspects of the subject.

Short presentations (20 minutes)

Lecture of 20 minutes and then 5 minutes for questions and answers.
Short presentations include showcasing projects interesting.

Ultra short presentations (5 minutes)

At the afternoon of the workshop day there will be space for "Lighting
Talks". Here, in particular those who trust (yet) have a long lecture,
make an active contribution to the workshop and try her first
appearance as a lecturer.

Likewise here space for lectures under the theme "My favorite module"
is where an interesting, useful and perhaps too little known Perl
module is briefly presented.

If in doubt, it helps us and you, if you send an email (spw at
perl-workshop.ch), to ask questions or to clarify ambiguities.

Ideas for topics

(Not exclusive list) as an inspiration, we offer here a number of
word-like suggestions for topics to which we can think of interesting

* Debugging (use of existing debugging tools) Testing (especially as
* unit testing, test-first approach) Refactoring (as defined by Kent
* Beck / Martin Fowler) Design Documentation (Automation / generation)
* Code Generation (code from specifications) My favorite CPAN module

Other issues on which we can think of interesting presentations (not

* Current web frameworks: Catalyst, Dancer, Mojolicious, ...
* Object Orientation: Moose, Moose :: Autobox, ...
* Database Abstraction: DBIx :: Class, Rose :: DB
* SPAM-Detection
* Unicode
* Perl-IO
* Perl 6
* Perl6-to-Perl5 integration and vice versa
* "Really great" Perl systems
* Release Management
* Comparison of "same" software systems (template engines, wikis, XML
engines, ...)
* Compatibility with other systems
* (Cross-platform) GUI Programming
* Advice on the use of Perl (eg commissioning of larger Perl systems
(WebGUI, ...))


This event will undoubtedly provide the best way to get in touch with
other Perl developers from Switzerland (and from abroad). Feel free to
register (http://act.perl-workshop.ch/spw2013/registration.html) to be
part of the workshop.


An event like this would not be possible without sponsors. We offer
great opportunities to for sponsoring. Please have a look at
(http://act.perl-workshop.ch/spw2013/sponsoring.html) or send an email
(spw at perl-workshop.ch).

Swiss Perl Workshop 2013: www.perl-workshop.ch